By Dakota Meyer and Bing West


A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War

“Into the Fire” tells the full story of the chaotic battle of Ganjigal for the first time, in a compelling, human way that reveals it as a microcosm of our recent wars. Dakota Meyer takes us from his upbringing on a farm in Kentucky, through his Marine and sniper training, onto the battlefield, and into the vexed aftermath of his harrowing exploits in a battle that has become the stuff of legend.


“A story of men at their best and at their worst . . . leaves you gaping in admiration at Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer’s courage.”

“Meyer’s dazzling bravery wasn’t momentary or impulsive but deliberate and sustained.”

“A cathartic, heartfelt account . . . Combat memoirs don’t get any more personal.”

“A great contribution to the discussion of an agonizingly complex subject.”

“Into the Fire is a deeply compelling tale of valor and duty. Dakota Meyer will not identify as a hero, but he will, I think, accept the title warrior. Dakota’s storytelling is precise and, for a Medal of Honor recipient, touchingly humble. With deft prose he drops us smack in the middle of one of the most heinous small unit firefights of the current wars.”

“Black Hawk Down meets Lone Survivor.”

“The story of what dakota did...
will be told for generations.”

- President Barack Obama


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